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US Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) becoming intelligent


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A new service, FAR Online, will transform the way businesses interact with Government regulations regarding supply of goods and services to US Federal Agencies.

The United States Government is the largest single customer in the world.

Any company selling to a federal agency needs to comply with over 1800 pages of complex, ever-evolving rules in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).

Finding, cross-referencing, updating, and understanding information in the mass of FAR rules has been a daily headache for the hundreds of thousands of businesses that supply federal agencies, as well as for the procurement professionals who purchase these goods and services.

The new FAR Online service, powered by Affinitext, has converted this body of government regulation to an intelligent online format that gives users easy access, pop up definitions, intelligent cross-linking and powerful search capabilities for FAR that were previously impossible.

"FAR regulations guide billions of dollars in annual acquisitions by US Federal agencies," says Art Smith, President of Management Analysis, Incorporated (MAI).

"FAR Online will transform information access in this vital market, facilitating the federal procurement process for both public and private sector participants," continues MAI's Art Smith.

The Affinitext intelligent document format is used by over $130 billion in major projects in defense, telecommunications, transport and construction. FAR Online applies this private sector format of choice to US Federal regulations for the first time.

"We are delighted that FAR Online will make lives easier for the many people involved in buying and selling goods and services purchased by the Federal government," said Affinitext founder, Graham Thomson.

Companies and federal agencies can access www.faronline.com free of charge during the service's initial beta testing period.


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