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US Defense Acquisition Becomes Intelligent with FAR Online by Affinitext


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The new FAR Online service, which has been transforming the way businesses understand and comply with US Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), has now been extended to include US Defense procurement.

Any company selling to a US federal agency needs to comply with over 1800 pages of rules in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).

US Defense suppliers also have to contend with over 1000 pages of the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS). These federal procurement rules affect every defense procurement contract and are complex and regularly updated.

For thousands of businesses that supply goods and services to US Defense agencies finding and understanding relevant clauses in these regulations has traditionally been laborious and time-consuming. This has all changed now that DFARS is available through FAR Online.

The new FAR Online service, powered by Affinitext, has converted these complex government regulations into an online intelligent document format (IDF™) that gives users easy access, with pop-up definitions, intelligent cross-linking and powerful search capabilities across thousands of pages in seconds.

“The addition of DFARS to the FAR Online service will transform information access in the multi-billion dollar US defense procurement sector,” says Art Smith, President of Management Analysis, Incorporated (MAI).

The Affinitext intelligent document format™ is used worldwide in over $130 billion of major projects in defense, telecommunications, transport and construction. FAR Online applies this private sector format of choice to US Defense procurement regulations for the first time.

The FAR Online beta service, released in September, has attracted widespread interest and enthusiasm from procurement specialists and private sector suppliers since its launch.

“We are delighted that the FAR Online service has now been extended to embrace the US Defense supply sector,” says Affinitext founder, Graham Thomson.

Defense suppliers and US federal procurement specialists can access www.faronline.com free of charge during the service’s initial beta testing period.


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