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FAR Online privacy statement


Purpose of information collection

FAR Online is powered by Affinitext. On this website, Affinitext requests that you provide business-related personal information sufficient to allow us to process subscriptions, receive payments, and deliver literature and resources that you request. We also provide opportunity for you to register additional optional information to allow for ease of contact and the development of business relationships.

Methods of information collection

This website does not collect personal information about people who access the website, except where personal information is voluntarily supplied, such as enrolment form completion or online subscription to our newsletter. Our Internet Service Provider will automatically record details about any computer used to access the website (such as the IP address, domain name, geographic location and browser type), the date and time of access, and details of the information downloaded. The website access information is stored and used by our Internet Service Provider (who is subject to government regulations) to generate and analyze web site statistics on performance, accessibility, browser readability and popular pages. Any other information supplied to us (for example if you send us an email) is treated in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Consequences of withholding information

If you choose not to provide information, or to provide inaccurate information, we may not be able to deliver the materials you request.

Other uses of information within Affinitext

Information that you provide will be sent to our company-internal direct sales force in your local region. This means that employees of Affinitext may contact you to determine whether there are other ways in which we can help meet your business needs.


Dissemination of information outside Affinitext

Information that you provide may be sent to an authorised Affinitext reseller in your local region. Employees of our authorized resellers may contact you regarding your interest in Affinitext products and services. Affinitext by policy does not share information with third parties for any other purpose.

Access and changes to information

After registration on this website you may correct any information you have supplied by again visiting the registration page or by sending an email to support@faronline.com.


Affinitext believes that this privacy statement is in compliance with applicable privacy legislation. We appreciate your advice of any special requirements in relation to privacy and this website. Please email correspondence to support@faronline.com or post/fax to your nearest Affinitext office listed on the contacts page of this website.

Opt out

If you do not wish to have anyone contact you in accordance with our privacy policy as outlined above, please notify us by email to support@faronline.com.

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